All-In Leadership Model

All-In Strategies calls on executives, senior teams and community collaborations to excel in the five practices of All-In Leadership. We invite leaders to bring their aspirations and challenges to the table, apply the principles of All-In Leadership and experience their immediate impact.

The Five All-In Practices

Partnering with organizations, community collaborations, boards and governments

Doing the Inside Work

Leadership doesn’t evolve unless the individuals in charge are willing to evolve. Elevating leadership starts on the inside by shifting individual mindsets, behaviors and skills around what it means to be an exceptional leader. Through individual and group training and coaching, All-In Strategies works with executives and senior teams to absorb and activate the practices of skilled high-impact leadership.

Setting The Vision

Organizations and community change efforts languish without an inspiring vision and clear strategy to carry forward. All-In Strategies offers leaders the design principles and process for developing a vision and strategy for change that will succeed.

Tapping Collective Genius

One leader is certainly capable of achieving great change but community transformation often requires the collective genius of multiple organizations and leaders. Through the principles of collective impact, All-In Strategies gathers, unifies and focuses the leadership of a collaboration or coalition to make the impossible possible.

Elevating Culture

It is often said that culture eats strategy for lunch. If the work environment isn’t right, isn’t set up for success, everything else suffers, no matter how great the idea or strategy. All-In Strategies lays out the steps for establishing a values-driven workplace that inspires not only employee and organizational excellence but a deep sense of respect in diverse workplaces.

Navigating Complexity

Designing and managing change is more often than not a complex matter-whether it's inside an organization or in the community. Exceptional leaders have the know-how and skills to break down complex barriers to move change forward. The know-how and skills are part of the All-In Strategies leadership toolkit.