All-In Strategies has a profound appreciation for high-impact leadership and the individuals and groups who want to excel as leaders. Here are a few examples of our clients, our leadership partners.

The Center for Youth Wellness

The Center For Youth Wellness (CYW) addresses the impact of trauma and toxic stress in children of color. CYW recently transitioned to new leadership and a strategic direction. Partnering with CYW’s core staff, All-In Strategies designed and coordinated a change management strategy built on strong staff engagement, clear outcomes and consistent communications.

Code Squad

Code Squad trains adults in low-communities to develop careers and secure jobs in the technology sector. The organization is expanding its reach and is working with All-Strategies on a scaling plan that will deepen its funding base, enrollment capacity and operating structures for managing growth.

Mission Neighborhood Center

Mission Neighborhood Center (MNC) is a multi-service family resource agency moving through a leadership change. All-In Strategies partnered with MNC’s board of directors and executive staff to develop a CEO succession plan and update the organization’s strategic direction .

Instituto Familiar de La Raza

Instituto Familiar de La Raza (IFR) provides community mental health services to families, adults and youth in the Latinx community. IFR called on All-Strategies to provide governance training to its board of directors, strategic planning support and succession planning to shift to a new executive director.

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Like most local health departments across the country, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) is managing an ever-changing COVID-19 response. All-In Strategies coordinated a collaborative process between SFDPH and over 30 Latinx community groups to develop a culturally competent COVID-19 containment strategy.

DAP Health

DAP Health operates a primary care clinic and a range of community support services. Experiencing a significant period of growth, DAP engaged All-In Strategies to establish an executive management team and to provide on-going leadership training and coaching to the CEO, executive team and mid-level management.